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Tom Feiza, Mr. Fix-It Inc. – How to Operate Your Home

Looking for great advice on home repair, home improvements and do-it-yourself projects? Then look to Tom Feiza, “Mr. Fix-It.” Tom has helped millions of people on a broad range of home-related topics. You can browse the Common Problems and Simple Solutions section, and use the search function to find excellent content.

How to Operate Your Home

Everyone who owns a home has faced the same questions and concerns. We never had an operating manual, the home builder didn’t provide one, and you can’t find one in bookstores. How to Operate Your Home fills the void. With easy-to-read text and clear illustrations, the How to Operate Your Home series helps people manage and operate their homes easily and effectively.

Word of Mouth Marketing for Home Inspectors, Realtors, Contractors and More

Maximize your referrals and market your business with books, marketing products, and content for your customers. People are over 90% more likely to trust a business that is recommended by friends and family, over all forms of advertising. Increase your referrals and repeat customers, with How to Operate Your Home.

How to Operate Your Home – Samples on Amazon

Attention home inspectors and homeowners: Every product comes with an owner’s manual. How about one for the biggest investment you’ll ever make? This is the owner’s manual for your home. Single copies of our best-selling books are available on Amazon. If you want to see which guide would work best for your business – or are a homeowner that wants the most comprehensive homeowner manual around, now is your chance! We’re offering single copies at a discounted price. Don’t miss out – these go fast!