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Speaking and Appearances

Upcoming Appearances


Looking for a Speaker?

  • How can you plan a meeting that nails down better attendance?
  • Where do you find a keynote speaker who is both informative and entertaining?
  • Do home repair tips and humor mix?
  • Can home repair tips appeal to your group?

Tom Feiza, “Mr. Fix-It,” has helped millions with up-to-date advice and technical information on a broad range of home-related topics. He lends that same expertise to keynotes and seminars for the public and for home-related industries.

Mixing more than 20 years of building management experience with his own home repair expertise, Tom will deliver the perfect presentation for:

  • Home shows
  • Professional groups
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Builders and remodelers
  • Engineers
  • Retail associations
  • Apartment associations
  • Realtors
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers

Forget about the stress of today and laugh with Tom through his tips and stories for home repair! Contact us for more information.


“Tom got the top scores for all 15 presenters, and it was a tough group.”

-Cindy Anderson, Associated Speakers From A Speaking Bureau Showcase

“The ingenuity of your information and your entertaining method of presentation make this a very delightful program. Your program is one of the highlights of this year.”

-Marion Bezold, Washington Board of Realtors

“I was learning things, but he was making it so much fun that it didn’t feel like I was learning. I found myself quoting him at work.”

-Wendy Shockley, Women’s Exchange


Keynote Presentation

Tom “Mr. Fix-lt” Feiza’s keynote presentation entitled “So You Cut it Twice and Its Still Too Short” is upbeat, lighthearted and informative with a true message for success. He relies on years of “hands on” experience to relate great fix-it stories, repair tips, humor and practical information. Tom can customize his presentation to fit any group’s needs. All presentations include free samples and “prizes” for the audience.

Painting Pointers

“Toss that roller tray and forget the ladder.” Achieve professional results, using the proper tools and techniques. Make interior and exterior walls look and last like a pro painted them.

Just Fix-It – The Absolute Best Repair Products

Tom solves the most common fix-it problems, using state of art tools and techniques. Learn to achieve results you never dreamed possible. Enjoy product samples and hot repair tips you can use instantly.

Tom’s Terrific Tool Tricks

Save time and money using the right tool for the job. Tom shares his list of the best and brightest tools, both old and new. This informative, interactive session pays a bounty for the best tool trick!

Exterior Painting and Maintenance Tips

Learn how to treat and maintain wood, aluminum siding, trim, and other exterior features. Tom reveals some smart tools, methods and materials that will help homeowners keep things looking great! Discover the fastest way to remove caulk, a quick fix for rotting wood, and what to expect from exterior varnishes.

You “Wood” if You Could – Wood Finishing and Refinishing

Learn to stain and finish wood like a pro. Tom reviews the necessary products and tools. Plus, Tom reveals valuable secrets like, quick touch ups for nicks and scratches, how to match wood fillers to the original, and much more!

Deck Maintenance & Construction Tips

Learn vital tips for building and maintaining a wooden deck. Discover how to select a wood that will last, which sealers are most effective, how to restore older or damaged wood, and routine treatments that will keep your deck in prime condition.

Wallpaper Like a Pro

Tom’s expert tips and easy techniques make wallpapering a breeze! Discover time and money-saving products and benefit from valuable pointers that will help you achieve a wallpapered surface with minimum stress.

Home Construction and Remodeling Know-How

Discover the options and decisions involved in home construction. Learn how to research the project, select and work with a builder, select features that will save energy and money, and what you can expect at each stage of the process.

Tips for “Down Under” – Protecting Your Basement

Get detailed advice on inspecting your basement and troubleshooting little problems before they become big headaches. Learn how exterior grading and landscaping can keep water out of the basement. Plus understand how your drainage system works.

“All Wet?” Solving Home Moisture Problems

Today’s tight, energy-efficient homes often exhibit excess moisture problems like condensation on windows, damaged wet woodwork, musty odors, and more. Tom’s solutions help you fight back.

Getting the Most from Your Home Inspection

Get the most out of your home inspection. Learn what to look for in a qualified home inspector, how to prepare for the inspection, and what kind of written and verbal feedback your expert should provide during and after the inspection.

In Addition to the Seminars …

As part of providing seminars at home shows or association meetings, Tom can also provide extra value through media appearances or written materials. You can promote your event and create more interest in your seminars.


As an entertaining and informational feature, Tom can appear on local television news programs. With hundreds of such appearances under his tool belt, Tom can present several quick home improvement tips with props and can be interviewed by a local TV host. Most TV stations are looking for this type of hands-on information and are happy to feature a celebrity you are bringing to town. To arrange an appearance, you will need to set it up with the local station at a time when it can be fit into Tom’s schedule at your show.


Tom can appear on local radio shows to expertly answer home repair questions or provide a home repair informational interview. To arrange a radio appearance, you need to contact your local talk radio station and arrange an interview to fit into Tom’s schedule at your show.

Print Media – Newspaper, Magazines, Newsletters, and Advertising

Tom can provide home improvement articles, Q&A columns or simple “Home Tips” for use in your event promotional materials or newsletters. The articles can directly connect to Tom’s presentation and we suggest publishing the seminar schedule next to the article. You can obtain appropriate media information with a quick call to our office. You will also need to contact the local newspaper- they are often looking for special event information for their home section.

Book Signing Appearances

Tom will be out signing and personalizing his books at various stores. Tom will make a short presentation, give away his famous “picture hanging tool” and have marketing gifts for book customers. Most of these appearances will last 1.5 to 2 hours.