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Recommended Home Repair Manuals

In home repair manuals, I always look for a book with lots of drawings and pictures. I also look for practical advice on day-to-day problems like sticking windows or basic furnace maintenance.

Most people don’t need details like how to test electrical heating elements in the water heater or how to repair slate roofs. These jobs are best left to professionals.

I recommend the following books. You will find them at any large bookstore.

Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual (Readers Digest)

I have an old version of this book, first published in 1973. It was recently revised and updated. It is very accurate, describing all types of basic home repair.

New Complete Guide to Home Repair and Improvement (Better Homes and Gardens Books)

This book includes lots of sketches covering almost any problem a homeowner may face.

The Old House Journal Guide to Restoration

If you have a 50- to 200-year-old home, you need this book. It features many photographs and drawings and offers easy-to-follow instructions on maintaining, repairing and restoring older homes.