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About Tom Feiza

Tom hosts a live radio call-in show on AM620 WTMJ on Saturdays from 8-9 a.m. This “fix-it” program is Milwaukee’s top-rated Saturday radio show, with more than 45,000 listeners each hour. Tom gives practical advice while responding to callers’ questions on home repair and related projects.

Tom writes a weekly question and answer column published in more than 80 newspapers with total circulation reaching more than 500,000 homes. He also writes feature stories.  In addition to radio and print, Tom has hosted several weekly television shows focusing on home improvements and repairs. Tom routinely appears on television talk and news shows with his Mr. Fix-It tips. He was also featured in a nationally distributed “how-to” videotape series.

Tom also presents short seminars and keynotes on home improvement. He has appeared as a featured speaker at home shows and presentations to professional groups, entertaining the audience with just the right blend of information and humor.

Professional Background and Education

Tom has held various engineering and management positions in facilities management, equipment repair, customer service, and construction. He consults in the area of home remodeling and construction, and he performs home inspections.

Degrees and continuing education:

Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, Marquette University
Graduate course work in engineering management, business (30 credits)
Registered professional engineer in the state of Wisconsin

Attended training courses in cabinetmaking; furniture construction and refinishing; stained glass; home inspection; moisture problems, indoor air quality; energy conservation; structural, mechanical, and electrical design; refrigeration; drafting; deck building; and many home improvement areas.