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Cleaning a Cement Driveway


I have a cement drive that is in good shape except for its appearance. There are many stains, oil spots, rust stains and even mildew or green growths. How can I clean this drive to make it look like new?


The quick and easy way to clean a drive is with a high-pressure water washer. Rent the best one you can find and get the wide, broom type tip.

Give the drive a thorough blast with the high-pressure washer and this will remove all the dirt and most of the stains. For the remaining rust stains, treat the areas with oxalic acid and water or a rust removal chemical for decks. Soak the area with the acid or cleaner and then rinse. Laundry bleach will lighten and kill the mildew and algae. Blast with the high-pressure water for a final cleaning.

For oil stains that remain after the initial blasting, scrub the areas with MEX or a TSP substitute. Rinse well. Use skin and eye protection and follow label instructions for all the chemicals. You can also try driveway cleaner chemicals.