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Distributing Humid Air via A/C Blower


I live in a 1200-square-foot condo that has radiant heat and an A/C blower located in the foyer. The A/C fan ducts are v-shape, no longer than 15ft, and go to the master bedroom, a second bedroom, the kitchen, and the great room.

Now that the air is more dry, if I place a humidifier in the foyer will it go up the air intake of my fan blower, thus sending the humid air to other areas in the condo?

The air intake is 36″ x 48″ and requires a filter. Can the humid air pass through the filter? Will it gum up the filters and/or cause other problems?



Humidity or moisture in the air moves at about 5 mph due to vapor pressure. You can place a humidifier anywhere in your unit – as long as the doors are open, it will move throughout the unit without the fan. If you choose to run the fan (without the A/C I assume) it will move the air quicker.