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Outlets on One Side of Room Don’t Work


Last night I was watching TV, and part of the receptacles on one side of the room went dead. The other side is okay. I checked the receptacles that weren’t working; no wires were burnt. What could the problem be?



E002 - Electrical Main Circuit Breaker PanelFirst check the circuit feeding the electrical outlets on the side of the room without power. Is a breaker tripped or fuse blown? If there are no breaker problems, you should call an electrician. He can remove the main panel cover and start tracing down the issue. He would start at the dead outlets and in the main panel and look to see where the current flow stops. If it is not a breaker or fuse, it will be a loose connection between the panel and the circuit, or on one of the receptacles. You could lose a series of outlets with one loose connection on one outlet.