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Quick Tip #34 – Fix That Wobbling Ceiling Fan

Wobbling ceiling fans are not safe to use. If a ceiling fan in your home shows excessive wobble, stop using it until you can get it fixed. Fans are dangerous if not installed and operated properly.

Many fans wobble because they have loose parts or need to be balanced. Find the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific fan.

In many cases, you can solve the problem by tightening bolts that hold fan blades to the motor housing. In some cases, swapping the position of some blades may solve the problem; swap blade for blade and test the operation after each swap.

If wobbling still occurs after tightening and swapping the blades, check whether your manufacturer provides a weight kit to balance the fan. With the balance weight kit, you work from blade to blade, adding and removing weight until the fan is balanced. This is tedious and time-consuming but effective.

Finally, if the mounting to the ceiling box or bracket is loose, the fan might be improperly installed. This condition should be checked by a professional. Ceiling fans are too heavy to be mounted in a standard electrical box; they need a special box and support bracket.

Never operate a fan with excessive movement or a loose mounting.