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Accidentally Sanding Through the Finish


I have just started my own cabinet business. I am a good carpenter, but struggle at refinishing. I have a stain called fruitwood. It is not an easy stain. When I sanded my door, I accidentally sanded through the finish (into the stain). When I try to touch up this burn-through, it seems like it repels this color. Then I resorted to stripping back down and starting over. Do you have a suggestion?



I am old fashioned when I finish wood. I like oil-based stains like Zar or Miniwax. I sand the surface smooth with fine sandpaper and remove all dust with a vacuum and tack cloth.

I apply the oil stain with a rag or lambswool, and even it out in corners with a dry brush. After the stain is dry I apply the first coat of clear finish – normally a wipe-on oil. Then I sand lightly and apply two more coats.

I would not sand the stain because you may cut through the finish. When you try to apply finish to patch the area, any wood that is partially stained will reject the new finish.

Hope this helps. I would buy a good oil-based finish and follow the directions.