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Removing Mold in the Bathroom


We are a family of six living in a 1,100 square foot single-story home. Our one full bathroom has mold growing on the ceiling. We have used TSP to clean it, and Kilz to paint it. We’ve also installed a new bathroom fan, but the mold keeps coming back. Do you have any other suggestions? Do we need to get a more heavy-duty fan? Do we need to replace the drywall ceiling and start over? By the way, the roof was redone last summer, but the mold problem hasn’t gone away. Do we just keep scrubbing away? Help!



You need to try to reduce the moisture level in the bathroom, and that will be tough with a family of six. I would try these steps:

  1. Run the bath exhaust fan 24/7, or until the bathroom is completely dry. If the fan will not remove the moisture and dry the walls, install a better fan and make sure it has a large, straight exhaust duct that carries the moisture to the outside. Broan is a great resource for bath fans and installation information.
  2. Dry the walls (where the mold is growing) with a towel, and remove the towel from the bathroom.
  3. Clean up the mold with laundry bleach and water. Then, paint the walls with Zinsser Brand Bathroom Wall and Ceiling Paint. This paint will not cause mildew. Follow the label directions.