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More Insulation in the Attic?


Where can I find someone who can tell me if I need more insulation in my attic?  I’m afraid that if I go to an insulation company they will say I do, when I really don’t.



Insulation - Thermal Boundary/EnvelopeThe question should really be where can I make energy efficiency improvements that save me the most money. While insulating the attic is often high on the list, what about the furnace, basement sill plate, etc.?

I suggest you have a energy evaluation by a Focus on Energy Consultant (800-762-7077). The consultant will review, test your home, and establish a priority list for improvements. I think it’s a great deal.

As far as the attic, you need about 12 inches of insulation (about R-38). More is better, but may not always provide a payback. See my website article at the Free Articles page titled Insulate Your Attic – But Don’t Stop There. It will explain insulation and air sealing. The air sealing is more important than the insulation.