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Housewrap on a Detached Garage?

Hi Tom,

We love your Saturday morning show and listen whenever we can! We are in the middle of building a new detached garage. What is your opinion on installing housewrap like Typar? The garage will be mostly unheated, but in the future I may insulate the walls and use temporary heat occasionally. I was thinking that the Typar may be an extra wind-break, but I am not sure if it is risking a moisture problem since it will mostly be unheated.

Thank you!!

Keith and Rika


Housewrap should be used under the siding to provide a moisture barrier. All siding leaks and you need to keep moisture out of the wall framing. The housewrap will also provide a wind barrier if you ever provide heat in the garage. The housewrap will not be a moisture problem for the garage with or without heat. If you ever do heat the garage on a constant basis, the interior finishes should include a vapor barrier under the first layer of finish on the heated side. This stops interior moisture from penetrating the wall structure.