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Condensation on East Windows – Not West?

Saturday I listened to you talk about moisture on windows and looked the article up on your website. I have a question. What if some windows get moisture and some do not? We have a 16-year-old house – two story. The bedroom window on the east side of the house gets moisture (always has), but the bedroom window on the west side of the house does not. After reading the article I learned a lot, but I just have this other question. Thank you so much.



Wind Pushes Air Through a HomeWhen warm, moist air contacts a cold surface, you have condensation (just like moisture on that iced-tea glass in the summer).

I assume you are getting condensation on the storm window. Wind blows at your house, and in the Milwaukee area it often blows from the west to the east. On the west side of your home, cold air is blown in around the storm and leaks into your home. The air blowing in is very dry and there is no condensation.

On the west side of your home warm, moist air is leaking out of the windows and you have condensation on the cold storms. The storms trap the warm air and the storm glass is cold.

For folks that want more information, look at my website article “Fogged Up? Clearing the Air About Window Condensation Problems.”