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Cabinets Got The Rub


I have original kitchen cupboards in my home. When I open and close the drawers it actually creates sawdust that lands on the items in the cupboard underneath. Is there anything I can put on the cupboard to prevent the friction and still be able to open and close the drawer? Thanks for your help!



D006You have some older cabinets if you have wood-to-wood contact. I do have a simple solution. Buy some “V-Seal” or “V” shaped vinyl weather stripping for doors and windows. This weather stripping is very thin vinyl and has an adhesive on one edge.

Place the “V” seal on the frame of the drawer with the adhesive on the rail that supports the drawer bottom. You will now have a wood drawer that is gliding on a smooth vinyl surface. The “V” seal is inexpensive and can be cut with a scissors. A wax paper covers the adhesive strip.