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Removing Home Odors with Fresh Wave


My daughter purchased a two-story home that was built in 1968. There is an odor in the house that still remains, even after the walls have been painted, and the carpets professionally cleaned. The four bedrooms have hardwood flooring. It is not a sewer smell; it smells stale. Any ideas, Tom? Thank you!



For this type of odor, you should also wash all hard surfaces and replace/launder all window coverings. Cleaning, or even replacing the carpet may be necessary. Cleaning the heating ductwork should also be considered.

Why-Fresh-WaveOne great product to try is Fresh Wave. You can find it at hardware stores, and on Amazon (Fresh Wave Website). They have a set of odor-eliminator products that are based on natural ingredients. Fresh Wave has a very subtle, pleasant smell that eliminates odors, not masks them. Try the spray for the carpet, and put the gel out in the areas that smell. You will be surprised how well Fresh Wave works!