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Removing the Smoke Smell After a Small Fire

We had a small fire due to our fireplace closing by itself. This in turn put a lot of smoke in the house. We need to have professional cleaners come and clean the carpet and furniture. Is there a product we can use on the walls and woodwork to remove the smoke smell?


Why-Fresh-WaveTo remove the smoke smell, you need to remove the soot. This involves washing or cleaning any cloth materials. The hard surfaces should be cleaned with a dry sponge. A dry sponge is specifically used to remove soot from hard surfaces. You will find a dry sponge at big-box stores and professional cleaning suppliers. A dry sponge is like a big soft eraser that is wiped on the surface to absorb the soot.

After the hard surfaces are soot-free, wash the surface with a detergent and water if any smell remains. An ammonia-based cleaner will work well.

I have also found that a product called Fresh Wave works well at removing odors of all types. There are several versions of the product; a spray, a laundry additive, and a gel that is placed in the problem room. You will find this product at most hardware stores.