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Should I Install Sub-Floor Panels When Finishing a Basement?

We are installing a rec-room in our basement. Some of the books I have read recommend installing sub-floor panels over the concrete floor in order to provide extra warmth and help prevent moisture. Is it worth the extra expense? If so, is there a brand you would recommend?


ComfortBase from HomosoteWhen installing carpet or floor covering on a concrete basement floor, always try to add some type of insulation. The concrete slab is in contact with the damp soil. This will make the floor covering cool and subject to condensation, resulting in a musty, mildew smell. A little insulation will make a huge difference.

I suggest ComfortBase from Homosote. It is a 1/2-inch-thick resilient fiber-board that cushions hard concrete and provides a thermal break. The single-ply concrete flooring system is perfect for finishing basements or improving concrete slab floors, while also increasing the floor surface temperature. ComfortBase is easy to apply over concrete floors with adhesive, or floating the panels on the surface.

You can only build a rec-room if the basement is totally dry. It’s a great product but a little hard to find at times. Many home improvement folks don’t know about the it, so you can educate them.