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Shiny Spots on Formica Cabinets

My Formica cabinet doors have some shiny spots that I cannot remove. Someone told me they put a varnish on their doors. Is there a wipe-on type of finish that would just give it a bit of shine to cover the spots? What should I do to prepare the doors? Or, do I just have to live with them?


I would never try to apply a varnish to a plastic laminate. It will not stick well and could discolor over time. Your doors may have shiny spots from wear or from an oily deposit.

I suggest you clean the plastic laminate with a strong detergent grease cleaner. Any strong kitchen or household cleaner will work. Then rub the cabinets down with Gel Gloss. Gel Gloss is a cleaner and polish. Scrubbing with Gel Gloss will remove some stains, and the mild abrasive will also help clean tough stains.

After you scrub, put a thin coat of Gel Gloss on all the surfaces. The Gel Gloss will dry to a white powder, like an automotive wax. Buff off the powder and you should have a reasonable shine. A second coat will add more shine.