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Sump Pump

How long should a sump pump last? Mine runs quite frequently, and is about 13 years old. I have a backup, but I think I should replace the main pump before it breaks down. The crock is 24 inches across and about 5 feet deep. I can’t get any info off the pump to see what brand it is. I would like to replace it with the same one or a better one. Any hints on a good pump and where to get one?


A typical sump pump is designed to operate for 100,000 cycles. The other wear issue is corrosion and the age of electrical parts. At 13 years, I would be looking for a replacement. Jim Murray makes a great line of pumps with high quality construction, and they’re in the Milwaukee area. You will find Jim Murray brand pedestal and submersible pumps at many local outlets.

How long should your pump last? If it runs every 30 minutes, it will operate twice per hour or 48 times per day. In a year, it will operate for 17,520 cycles. So running every 30 minutes, it should last about 5.8 years. Do you think yours is on borrowed time?