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Mold On the Ceiling


We have a 1960s vintage brick ranch home. The roof should be replaced next year. Over the past few weeks, mold developed in the upper corner of a closet. Now there are very small spots of mold in almost all outside corners; always at the top where the wall meets the ceiling.

Do you think the roof is to blame? We’ve never had the problem before. We cleaned up the spots with 10% bleach in water.  Is there anything we can do to prevent the mold from returning?  We don’t have a bathroom fan or a dehumidifier, but we only have two people living in the house.

Thanks for any advice you can give us!  We love your show and have learned a lot!


Mold is forming because of cold weather and condensation.  Once damp, you can get mold growth.  The key is to keep the moisture level lower in your home in the winter.  Look at my free article on my website – All Fogged Up – Solving Window Condensation Problems.